'Nature in the City' evolved into its own ecosystem, from the depths of the concrete jungle of Boston, USA, to Berlin. The name contains an important reminder, that we are still part of nature despite living in the city. The band grew from a seed planted eight years ago, while Robin and Johannes studied at Berklee College of Music. They shared a close musical connection but didn't anticipate the deepening roots of a long-lasting friendship.

Fate would have it, that they were separated when Robin encountered visa issues and was deported back to Germany, only to drop out of school to further dedicate himself solely to songwriting. Johannes finished his studies and was living in New York. For a while, it seemed their paths were going separate ways, and several years passed, until…


As if bound by invisible ties, the two musicians coincidentally return to Berlin and reunite to begin a new project under the old moniker. Like all good seeds that grow with time, „Nature in the City“ was re-born.


They released their first debut album 'Nature in the City' one year later, proceeded by a demanding tour – sometimes on the road for a month at


a time. True to the bands independent, DIY style, they were free as a bird, sleeping on couches or spooning the double bass in the car. Along the way, the band found enjoyment filling vacant days with more personal living room concerts, which suited their acoustic style and commitment to growing fans.




2017 arrived, along with an exciting trajectory for the future, leading them to festivals like "Rocken am Broken", "Feel Festival" and "Artlake". A new album due to be released the following year was in the making, with noteworthy developments. The first recording was solely acoustic, recorded completely live in Robin's grandparent's shed with the help of friend and recording master Jacopo Vanini. The sequel has proved to be a different beast, with all the inspirations the band has gathered along the way. The familiar combination of voice, acoustic guitar, and double bass now compliments a wide pallet of instruments, namely drums, electric guitar and bass, horns, strings, mellotron, female vocalists, and percussion.