Week #2 - New Territory

“Lately I’ve been having strange dreams. Or rather, strange people show up in my dreams. I think I know them from somewhere. But do I?”

My favourite person in the world pointed this phenomenon out to me. Intriguing. I too meet people in my dreams that I haven’t met in real life. I am sure of that, because I know where I know them from. Instagram!

I try to keep my usage to a minimum but I often yield to its vortex-like undertow. Before I know it, an hour has disappeared into the ether of time and hundreds of faces, beaches, plates with exotic foods have flashed before my eyes and wondered into the sponge of my subconsciousness.

This weeks song is a stab at this cultural phenomenon. I wonder if other people have the same thing happening to them.

Musically I tried something new. I usually write with the guitar in hand, banging out the chords, while I search for words. Inspired by Mac Demarco I have switched the timeline and instead started with a melody on guitar and chords to go with it. I build the entire song upon the chords and a melody, just humming along. Then I set out to put words to it. Interesting. I know lots of lyricist have been doing this successfully for decades. Or centuries. It just never occurred to me personally. I guess you’re never too old to learn a new stunt.

Robin Sellin