Week #3 - Songs for the Family

I always write about what’s close to the heart. That’s probably inherent in the writing process for almost everyone. But some songs just move me to tears. This one especially. I cried while writing it. I am not sure if it translates to a wider audience, as it might fail to do the personal to general to particular transition of a song idea.

Some songs need to be written for a special someone in that very moment. Close to the heart, close to the situation. A bridge between two people. To those who know.

This song is like a photograph. We might stumble upon it in ten years time going through the digital album that is YouTube. We’ll remember that summer in Australia. We’ll remember what’s been said and thought, what preceded the song and what came after.

If I can move just one person with a song, I am happy. Two is bliss.

Robin Sellin