Week #4 - Returning to Playfulness

This song was a joy to write. Mind you, it flowed and morphed into different forms and shapes in the process. I sat on the porch in the morning, having promised myself to make playing the guitar a morning ritual as opposed to waiting till the end of the day when everything is done.

I started out with only two chords. A major and G major. I focused on the rhythm, really just rocking out like crazy. I was having FUN. Writing is heaven and a curse. When you’re writing, there is nothing better. When you’re not, there ain’t nothing worse. It’s a pain. My work with ‘The Artist’s Way’ (a book by Julia Cameron) and doing my morning pages everyday for more than two month opened up the channel. And I was not just doing it, I was having massive amounts of fun.

That translated into the lyrics. In very obvious ways. ‘Fun’ is the main word in the chorus. Images from almost 10 years back entered my mind. I felt the youthful newness and excitement of having chosen to be a musician that culminated in me attending a music school. The time at Berklee College in Boston was formative and beautiful. Full of adventure, full of (self-)discovery. I listened to more music than ever and played and played and played and I wrote a lot.

Enough said.

Johannes ended up replacing all of my guitar work with a production of a track that is reminiscent of one of his favourite eras, the 80s. He added synthesizers, drums, bass with reverb on it, shakers, even triangle! He used the vocal melody as a guide line but disregarded everything else. He even re-harmonized the whole song! Could it be that he was having fun?

Nothing left to do then, but to play a little saxophone solo…

Robin Sellin