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Week #1 - The Trial Run

I’m nervous. We have never done this before. 

We have written songs before. We’ve recorded albums too. But this is different. Our own mini web series about songwriting… We call it Song Challenge, because it is. Writing a song is a mystical and intricate process. It’s hard to put a finger on it. How is it done. We want to get to the bottom of it and see how far we can stretch our own creativity.

We send song ideas back and forth. Johannes and I each keep adding to the project every week. At the end we have a demo of a song and a video to go along with it. Demo, because it is not recorded in a studio, nor is it produced over the course of several month. That’s how records are made. What we are after is to catch as many hot ideas as we can in one year. Flow in Songwriting. The limitation is one week per song. We have to write, record, arrange and finish it. FINISH it. Yes, that’s the biggest part. I think we can do it. I think we can end up with a collection of delightful music. The foundation for the next album. We’re doing it publicly, because it is fun. It really put’s the pressure on. And we think it is enjoyable to some of you out there. Let’s enjoy it together.

About The Song(-writing):


I’ll keep it short. For this one, I was in the country-side. I enjoy the quiet days, from morning till dusk. The only noises are birds and wind and sheep and horses. It put me in a great mood. What I could conjure up is a homage to this feeling. I am always influenced by my surrounding, but till now I failed write much about it. I wasn’t able to tune in. I am excited that after putting some effort in to get the creative juices flowing, this song came naturally by turing in and listening to the sounds in my heart. It also helped that I had just learned the picking pattern for "Girl from the North Country” by Bob Dylan. It felt really new and exciting to me. I just had to get the words down on the paper. I recored it on a Zoom H1 and sent it off to Johannes. He really made something special out of it. I knew his bass playing and drumming was going to be excellent, but he turned the song around by adding the nice piano chords in the third verse. It suits the mood perfectly. This opened the song up and gave it the change it needed to stay exciting till the end. 

One down. Till next time!